REROAM worksessions

(at Relearn Summerschool - Variable - Schaerbeek - BXL - 6-11 june 2014 )

Chairs attached to a school fence, signifying the school is en toma [occupied] (Chile, 2011)

What would it mean to design a school in terms of a nomadic learning   situation? Probably we need to think differently about its physical   characteristics as well as its location and access to pedagogical resources. Then: what is a pedagogical resource? What is the meaning of   "learning infrastructure"? What would an itinerant educational object   look like, and how would it be produced and shared? Do educational   objects actually "learn"? How?

Reroam  proposes daily exercises, a collection of present models, experiences  and theories that examine the physical situations  where learning  happens. Thinking through conviviality and discomfort, we  look for  spaces that would facilitate disensus.Taking our bodies into  account,  we will take a moment every day to speculate together about  ways that  we could make re-learning situations physical.

Prepared by: Catherine Lenoble, Jara Rocha & Femke Snelting

+info: http://relearn.be/ 
(+ soon on schedule)

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