»Objetologías: a conversation with Femke Snelting«

*Sunday, 8.2., 4 pm, ABR-Library (2nd floor)*

What is the attraction of an algorithm? Do servers have a gender? Can a book be a disobedient object? Is it possible to understand an infrastructure as a poetics? Jara Rocha presents Objetologías, a line of research she carries with Josianito Llorente, Jaron Rowan and Carla Boserman. Working on the aesthetics and politics of objects and technologies in their different material conditions, they speculate about the potentials and relatedness of humans and non-humans. Their attempt at a post-humanist approach brings together studies of culture, science and technology, actor-network theory, new materialisms, speculative realism, futurology and affects theory. Objetologías considers the ethic, erotic, aesthetic and political agency of objects, and studies their material conditions in a broad sense: scale, durability, weight, volume, attraction, dispersion. Instead of studying the social use of objects and technologies, they shift their attention to ontologies, understanding processes of individuation, co-production and articulation as basic gestures that act symmetrically in the complex web of materiality.

Tea and cake served!


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