mutual rescue: the urgency for euraca assemblages


euraca is a laboratory of speech, of tongue, of deed, of language, of poetry. Based in contemporary Madrid, but feed by experiences in Argentina, Chile and Belgium to name a few. Language is a semiotic-meterial shaping of the body, it is a way of sharing the present through new embodiments, of letting go of the self and working on a common ground: it is a way of making world. This is why we started to experiment from here, from the cheapest, the most affordable technology of subjectivation: la langue.

But euraca is also a claim for a resignification: bypassing the "sudaca" slight largely practied by spaniards towards latin-americans, this becomes a community empowerment tool for in-the-making subjectivities located in a here-now matrix strongly affected by the project of a so-called Europe of which they are part bodily, but perhaps not so much willingly. It is an empowerment tool for inhabiting the southern territories, the rescued economies. It is a liberation technology for a non-identitary ecology of different agencies aiming to be definitely dispossessed from the imposed institutional corpus. 

Rescue can be resignified if performed through dispossession: euraca as an ethical, political and aesthetical project of enunciation claims for a mutuality of nomadic subjectivities, freed from inhuman institutional management and heading new infrastructural assemblages, affordable and situated ecologies of different(iated) bodies - departing from their tongues. It is an attempt of reconnection to the sources of our affirmation, to the sources of our potentia. Assemblages are made of such connections, and it is urgent now for our presently embodied sustainability to claim, name, do it -- mutually.

bxl, summer 2015.

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