testeo de texteo del sur: una ficción política

primera aproximación a la posibilidad de estudiar de forma más detenida y compleja el sur como ficción política. La materia base para atender a su comportamiento es la del lenguajeo, ya sea en composición textualizada, oral o en código ejecutable:

The term “South” brings a not-only geographically located nor a strictly territorial problematic: it invokes an ontological, constitutive and transversal construct, a structural management of life. Better said:
South is infrastructural, if we consider any apparatus (Agamben) to be infrastructural once it affects semiotic-material flows at a certain scale and under a certain regime of standardisation. 


Politics magnetizes around the conditions of possibilities. A politics of the possible implies to understand that its very key objective is the transformation of desire by accessible means. Fictional works are powerful techniques to widen desire in the shape of “the possible”. Fictions jump over the given – “the probable” – as imaginations that are expanded, projected, constructed, diffracted and cared-about. Often they function as proposals, other times as ready-to-go scripts and usually as hands-on instructables. They offer worldviews that might operate as blueprints for the immediate. And they can be quite affordable, too. Taking and applying fiction for affecting the conditions of possibility as a plan risks to be understood as a mere “goodist” proposal, almost naïve or only tactical. Quite differently, political fictions are at the fundament of the shared world we build on a daily basis. The Modern Project is one of the most evident and sophisticated fictions: operating collectively, unfolding along all its variations of techno-scientific and socio-cultural components. Political fictions have a leading role at the composition and adaptation of the possible in terms of their all-scale, all-durabilities, all-tangibility gradients of materiality, subjectivities and collectivities.

Texto completo, elaborado en el marco del Phd Workshop "Machine Research" organizado por Aarhus University, Constant y Transmediale: https://machineresearch.wordpress.com/2016/09/26/jara-rocha/ 

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