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Infrastructures / Interfaces

Sat, 03/04.02.2017
14:00 - 15:30
(HKW, Berlin)
Machine Research presents the outcomes of a three-day research workshop held in October 2016 in Brussels, organized by Aarhus University, Constant association for Art and Media, and transmediale. During the workshop, participants explored the use of various writing machines and ways in which research has become machine-like. The workshop questioned how research is bound to the reputation economy and profiteering of publishing companies, who charge large amounts of money to release texts under restrictive conditions. Using Free, Libre, and Open Source collaboration tools, Machine Research participants experimented with collective notetaking, transforming their contributions through machine authoring scripts and a publishing tool developed by Sarah Garcin. The print publication launched at transmediale is one result of this process. During two sessions at transmediale, some original participants will further present, discuss, and experiment with their research results.

+ on the sessions: https://2017.transmediale.de/content/machine-research-interfaces 
+ on the festival: https://2017.transmediale.de/

*extra* video of the session, registered by the festival's crew and uploadedon their youtube channel:

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