[workshop] Continuous corpo-realities <-> diagramming probabilities and possibilities!

During the one day workshop with Possible Bodies, participants will share their own work and collaborate to diagram and reimagine the continuum of 3D industries (from MRI scans to the pharmacopornographic, from military training suites to architectonic management software, from fossil fuel prospecting to ultrasound cross-sections in mining, from spectacular special effects to gaming engines ... and back). Together we will investigate the semiotic-material matrix where so-called bodies cohabit within the boundaries of the probable and... perhaps we will glimpse some potential voxels. How might 3D practices call for the reinvention of the theories used to talk of "corpo-reality"? What other possible bodies could emerge? The workshop will activate mapping and diagramming practices for collective research on the concrete and fictional entities that "bodies" are, asking what matter-cultural conditions of possibility render them present. Paying particular attention to the posthuman condition of the infrastructures, technologies and techniques of 3D tracking, modelling and scanning, it will invite the generation of concepts and experimental renderings, digital and non-digital prototypes for different embodiments.

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