Ultrasonic dreams of aclinical renderings | published in Ada Journal #13

so so so happy to announce the publication of a text by Possible Bodies feat. Helen Pritchard that starts like this (and brings in a soundscape!):

The machine began to rotate slowly. She swallowed the paramagnetic contrast agent in one go, preparing her vessels to render themselves later. When the metallic taste faded, she could smell the ancient chestnut trees blossom nearby. Her crystal studded belt was stored with the pyrosome pendant in a strongbox outside the perimeter and the radio-pharmaceutical body-paint shimmered, still wet. Across from her, the others followed and struck an A-pose. Judging by the roar of the crowd that was barely audible from inside, tonight they would finally make a living.


and it comes under the umbrella of an editorial work by Sophie Toupin & spideralex that goes like this:

Feminist techno-speculative storytelling, fiction and design gestures towards a set of geographies of the imaginary and of their materiality deeply inspired by social justice and political transformation.

+info: https://adanewmedia.org/2018/05/issue13-possiblebodies/

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