relearn 2015 - call for porposals

Relearn starts from FLOSS culture and practices as a way to address the production processes and frameworks involving technology and culture, in the beginning in the field of graphic design, and in the second edition expanding to production and education in broader terms. A proposal for this third edition is to continue by focusing on technology as such.

Questioning what it consists of, how it 'functions', and challenging the traditional narratives on it. In this moment in which any social, political and personal problem seems to be approached with a technological solution, it feels urgent to rework the assumptions and conceptions we have of technology.

To give an idea of this kind of perspective, there were some interesting questions resulting from past events, as the following: What's the difference between 'tech' and 'technology'? How does a file system relate to an office? Can anything digital be 'immaterial', when it sits in data-centers or it moves over infrastructures? What happens when computing becomes 'invisible'? Are interface-design, packaging and blackboxing similar processes, how do they influence our relation to an object? How do user-friendliness and efficiency determine the way software and devices are developed? 

Hopefully this way of thinking about tools, networks and infrastructures can influence the summer school tracks, offering transversal elements to connect some points in the different worksessions, in relation to one's own practices and tools.

call for proposals. 

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