looking forward to thinking together

Dear Prof. Rosi Braidotti,

Over the past years, we (me within a number of collectives) have been wondering about the details of our present material conditions. Trespassed by several performativity issues, place/displacement of enunciation problematics, non-identitary pre-occupations and a strong political reconfiguration, our generation is exposed to exceptional conditions for thinking about notions such as agency, knowledge production, dispersion, memory archiving and basic life conditions, to name just a few.

In an organic though rigorous manner, we have been confronting such issues from diffractive inquiries like “How is our sexual-affective performativity conditioned by crystallized representations of what loving beings should act like?”, “What does it mean to name the world from a Southern European radical neoliberal pro-nationstate context?”, “Can we get rid of Modern Project's configurations of thinking while experiencing sudden sociopolitical urgencies?”, “What implications does it have to implement our tools in the process of taking care of our community sustainability?”, “What transductions might we need in order to bring the behaviour of the digital networked communities to a physical experience of conviviality?”, “What does it mean to think of infrastructures as key ethic & aesthetic agents?”.

In Objetologías, we wonder together about the tactics of de-centering the subject while researching the designing processes of our material surroundings. In Euraca, we wonder about the language making and managing of non-fixed subjectivities in the last days of the Euro. In Sexo Hispter, we wonder about the reasons of the immanent de-politization of our erotics. In Relearn we gather around the implications of free libre open source tools and results in learning situations. In MasterDIWO we try to invent emancipated ways of sharing knowledge. In 404 we test the extent to which cultural mediation can serve as a post-humanist yet institutionalized task ...etc.

All of that makes me excited to participate in the Human/Inhuman/Posthuman summer course in Utrecht, as the above situated but common problematics (or opportunities?) could perhaps find shared frames and maybe useful discourses/references to keep my/our research rolling.

Looking forward to thinking together,

Jara Rocha

Barcelona, April 30th, 2015.

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