scalable archivistics

By addressing our inquiry and practice towards the search of non-explicit relations between agents of a complex technosocial ecosystem, we aim to understand better the disanthropocentrificability  of culture. Off-side relations that can perhaps be performed if we  attend certain hidden ontological structures within those archival  landscapes, inhabited by myriads of agents of diverse sorts (humans and  non-humans). To look at them implies to find dispossessions, reassemblages and displacements of  objectual agencies, and hence to test speculative infrastructures for other possible cultures.

The  very basic toolkit and keywords we are going to use is articulated  throught a methodologial triad: alien phenomenology / remediation /  speculative fiction.

The  result we look towards has the shape of a mediation infrastructure. Its  basic features, are exportability to other archives and  openness/availability to adapt to other specific contexts.
Barcelona, June 2015

Keep track of it all here!: objetologias.tumblr.com

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