Let's first get things done! at LibrePlanet 2015

The current distance between those who organize their activism to develop “technical infrastructures” and those who bring their struggles becomes especially evident in the pragmatic spirit of getting things done. "Radical" activists may turn to services provided by Fortune 500 companies, while alternative tech initiatives sustained by a select (visionary and male) few may remain insistent on crypto with 9-lives. Through a close study of digital self-defense campaign sites, we want to pause to explore other modes of collaboration.

(present delegates: Seda Gürses & Jara Rocha; 
distant -but close- delegates: Femke Snelting, Miriyam Aouragh)

MIT Stata Center
Cambridge MA
Room 32-155
Saturday, march 21 
16.15h (Session Block 5A)

(for those not present, it will all be streamed from here:  https://libreplanet.org/2015)