Son[i]a #350

Intensamente íntimo, balbuceante y difícil de compartir, pero aquí un podcast en Radio Web MACBA que se hizo hace un año y luego se paró y luego se retomó y circuló. Con todo el cariño y la complejidad al cuidado de Anna, Anna Irina, Albert y Ricardo <3

ESCUCHA aquí --> https://rwm.macba.cat/es/sonia/sonia-350-jara-rocha

  • 00:23 Las condiciones semiótico-materiales de posibilidad
  • 05:46 Maternar y cocriar en un espacio no solo nuclear
  • 13:53 Complejidades del nombrar
  • 19:02 Edadismo y adultocentrismo
  • 22:55 El teatro de la genética y el tabú de la no transferencia genética
  • 35:00 Juegos con el vocabulario: ensanchamiento de los posibles a través del lenguaje
  • 42:27 Disidencia lingüística y puesta en circulación
  • 46:32 Autodefensa bibliográfica
  • 47:26 Abrazar la complejidad
  • 52:05 Cortes parciales y uso táctico de las identidades
  • 58:58 Respons(h)abilidad
  • 64:40 Pedagogías críticas, Martino Morandi y la escuela de verano Relearn
  • 76:41 Detectar zonas de potencia
  • 79:44 Los problemas del solucionismo
  • 83:23 Tecnocolonialismo, turbocapitalismo y cadenas globales de cuidados
  • 91:11 Amazon Turkers: precarización, invisibilización y deslocalización del trabajo.
  • 95:06 Visión computacional. Nicolas Malevé y las promesas de los algoritmos
  • 101:38 El rigor en la investigación en formatos no académicos
  • 106:41 Sobre el tiempo: The Underground Division y "Figurations of Timely Extraction".
Conversación: Anna Irina Russell, Albert Tarrats, Ricardo Cárdenas y Anna Ramos. Guión: Anna Irina Russell. Producción: Albert Tarrats. Voz: Anna Ramos. Sonido: librería sonora de Albert Tarrats. 
+ info sobre RWM: https://rwm.macba.cat/es/sobre-rwm


Falling and Floating. A guided tour into Volumetric Regimes feat. GOB GOB

@Theory Stairs, FedLev Building (Sandberg Instituut)
Six years of trans*feminist disobedient action research on 3D technologies, paradigms and procedures are about to be published as “Volumetric Regimes: Material Cultures of Quantified Presence” (Open Humanities Press, DATA-browser series). The book foregrounds technological practices that provide with a widening of the possible and brings together diverse materials on the political, aesthetic and relational regimes in which volumes are calculated. The ongoing multi-local launch of Volumetric Regimes is made up of playful contributions, informal responses and interactive formats proposed by known and unknown comrades in the making of technosciences otherwise. 

The guided tour into Volumetric Regimes: material cultures of quantified presence (Open Humanities Press, 2022) at Sandberg Institute will touch upon 3D image production tools and the possible practice of dissident worlding by axes, planes, dimensions and coordinates. It will be matched with play session and screening feat. works by Ráchel Plutón and Elio J Carranza. 

Optional Reading: 

GOB GOB is an initiative for critical engagement with image production software and game development by Elio J Carranza, Lauren Fong, and Aidan Wall.


Rendering Research at ERG (BXL); Book launch feat. Elodie Mugrefya

Possible Bodies (Jara Rocha, Femke Snelting) feat. Elodie Mugrefya will present their upcoming book Volumetric Regimes: Material Cultures of Quantified Presence on Thursday 24th March at 17.30, at ERG (école de recherche graphique), 87 rue du Page – 1050 Bruxelles – as part of the Rendering Research workshop organized by DARC (Aarhus University), CSNI (London South Bank University) and transmediale festival for art and digital culture. All welcome.

The ongoing multi-local launch of Volumetric Regimes is made up of playful contributions, informal responses and interactive formats proposed by known and unknown comrades in the making of technosciences otherwise. For the occasion of Rendering Research we will be joined by Elodie Mugrefya, who we invited to re-interpret, critique, and/or remix materials from Volumetric Regimes through her sensibility for technocolonial knowledge production.
Elodie Mugrefya is a member of Constant, Brussels where she takes part in its artistic and collective researches while developing a writing practice that intersects with Constant's themes of interest; notably notions surrounding collectivity, technological infrastructures and socio-political troubles. Constant develops projects across art and technology and operates through its commitment to free/libre open source cultures and intersectional perspectives. https://constantvzw.org/
+ info: https://www.centreforthestudyof.net/?p=6230 
+ info on the overarching context of Rendering Research: https://transmediale.de/projects/aarhus-university-london-south-bank-university


A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers (+radio broadcast)


A Traversal Network of Feminist Servers (ATNOFS) is a collaborative project formed around intersectional feminist, ecological servers. Understanding servers as computers that host space and services for communities around them, this project exists inside, and in between, roaming servers and different networks. Our decentralized programme will occur in 5 locations (The Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Greece, Austria) with the collaboration of 6 partners (Varia, LURK, Constant, HYPHA, Feminist Hack Meetings, and ESC).

In the first session, hosted in Varia, we will focus on tools and methods to make space for understanding what feminist publishing infrastructures could be. During the weekend of March 26 and 27, we will be experimenting with publishing infrastructures. The tools and methods that will emerge can later be used for further knowledge sharing as the project moves location and the programme evolves.

The session in Varia will kick-off with a public radio broadcast on the evening of Wednesday the 23rd of March. For this broadcast, we will be joined by two practitioners who have been working on and around feminist and activist servers: Spideralex and Danae Tapia

+ info at Varia's site <3 https://varia.zone/en/atnofs-varia.html 


Aalto Photo Talks



Thursday, March 17th 2022 on Zoom from 15:00 - 16:00

Doctoral Seminar - Open to everyone!

Date: 17th March 2022

Time: 15:00 - 16:00

"For the second installation of Aalto Photo Talks, we have invited artist and researcher duo Femke Snelting and Jara Rocha as our guest speaker. In their forthcoming book Volumetric Regimes: material cultures of quantified presence (Open Humanities Press, 2022), authors Jara Rocha and Femke Snelting bring together several years of discussing and working with artists, software developers and theorists who detect, track, print, model and render volumes. During the talk, the duo will read and discuss the chapter “Invasive Imagination and its Agential Cuts”. The authors argue that tomography, a set of digital techniques which has become ubiquitous in the medical imaging field, produces “exclusionary boundaries,” i.e. that they generate outcomes according to pre-established categorizations and norms of the human body. Zooming in on the example of the Open Source “3-D Slicer” software, they show how digital cutting is part of a culture of quantification, and naturalised as a scientifically objective gesture. Rocha and Snelting challenge this dominant imagination of biomedical informatics and mount an “affirmative critique” by proposing technical tweaks and changes, thus opening up the possibility of “oblique, deviating, unfinished and queer cuts.”




The talk is open to public and we welcome Aalto students from the Department of Media and other disciplines to join us. Please also feel free to invite students from outside of Aalto.

Thank you Yiu Sheung for the invite!