Are you being served? / On s'occupe de vous? / Wordt u al geholpen?

de hoy al domingo, en BXL > Festival Verbindingen / Jonctions 14

A feminist review of experimental (mesh - cloud - autonomous - DIY) server technologies 

"To stay connected across multiple devices, we have come to expect unlimited access, provided by companies that traffic large amounts of data as a result. The necessary infrastructure that is put in place effects our understanding of place, both virtually and physically and it has become increasingly difficult to be intimate with the technologies that we feel familiar with. We started to wonder about what would make current networking technologies into hospitable habitats for critique, as space for artists and solidarity, teaching and learning.

What does it mean to serve and to host? What should server technology of today be about? How to re-appropriate networks for creative experiment? How to invert, detour, parasite and deflate web 3.0 notions of ’service’?"

+ Programa para descarga: http://constantvzw.org/vj14/documents/


integración por partes

Un día vi una vaca sin cola vestida de uniforme.
Un día vi un velocirraptor sin cola vestido de uniforme.
Un día vi una vaca vestida de uniforme.
Un día vi un viejo sin bastón vestido de uniforme.
Un día vi una vaca volando desde Úbeda.
Una víbora sin curvas vestida de uniforme.
Un día vi una vieja vestida de uniforme.
Una vieja va a la ducha (solo para el lado derecho de la igualdad)