[ENCC Conference] Joining the dots: Practices and Imaginaries for Post-Fossil Cultures

Orihuela, Alicante, March 29-31 2023

Workshop Pierre Huyghebaert & Jara Rocha: "Towards a regenerative justice of/for digital ecologies" 

In this workshop, we will attempt an immediate practice of the pathways prospected by Femke's talk, to collectively plot towards more solidary infrastructurations with and within cultural organisations. Departing from situated digital arrangements of some voluntary projects (please bring the laptop you use at work!), we will elaborate on a set of outlines to detect and unfold modes for collaboration, mutual care and the imagining, reclaiming and maintaining of non-monocultural technocultures that would integrate digital infrastructures as elements for joyful regeneration.


"Hacia una justicia regenerativa de/para las ecologías digitales".

En este taller, asumiremos una práctica inmediata a partir de los caminos trazados por la charla de Femke, para tramar colectivamente hacia infraestructuras más solidarias con y dentro de las organizaciones culturales.  Partiendo de los acuerdos digitales de algunos proyectos voluntarios (¡trae el portátil que usas en el trabajo!), trabajaremos con una serie de esbozos para detectar y desarrollar modos de colaboración, cuidado mutuo e imaginación, recuperación y mantenimiento de tecnoculturas no monoculturales que integren las infraestructuras digitales como elementos para una regeneración alegre.
Talk Femke Snelting: "Digital Dependencies: plotting infrastructure solidarity with cultural organisations"

"As digital transition is being increasingly understood as a compulsary vector for ecological transition and economical relance, cultural organisations have a role to play in plotting infrastructural solidarity without centering the extractive modes of Big Tech. In this talk, Femke will try to unpack some of the uncomfortable overlaps between digital dependency, sustainability and resilience and share examples of paranodal networking practices"

Recording of Femke Snelting's inspirational talk, not to be missed! --->


Joining the dots conference overview:

Many pathways to low-carbon futures have been articulated, but most fail to engage communities in imagining themselves as being part of those futures and involved in the transition. Cultural centres play an important role in building imaginaries and providing inspiration to navigate future horizons. How can they become key actors of the necessary environmental, social and digital transition?

Post-fossil societies would look very different to the ones we inhabit today in Europe. Landscapes, transport systems, buildings, communities and indeed most social relations would be transformed. For this meeting, our guests will be practitioners, multidisciplinary researchers, artists and policymakers working on low-carbon futures, who will share the concrete questions they are working on and the practices they are building to help citizens appropriate the future and feel that they are able to create it.

Leaving petroculture behind will not happen just through mitigation of fossil fuel use. It will also require systemic and cultural change. In-depth workshops will look at how cultural organisations can

  • switch to a more ethical and sustainable use of digital
  • care for their human resources
  • improve their environmental impact
  • use art as a transformational practice

A key concern will be moving away from extractive logics - which exhaust natural resources, human resources, and data - towards collective practices for care, creation and flourishing.

+ info & registration: https://encc.eu/activities/events/joining-dots-practices-and-imaginaries-post-fossil-cultures

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